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Steam Wizard Surface Cleaners offers its state-of-the-art rug cleaning as an option for cleaning rugs.  have them picked up from their home. Each rug receives the same amount of attention no matter its size or value. We do not use a commercial automated cleaning machine. We manually hand wash your rugs instead so we can focus on details. Our technicians have extensive knowledge of fibers and solutions working on rugs, allowing us to make them as clean as possible.

Pick up and delivery

Our most popular method of cleaning rugs is through pick-up and delivery. While rugs can be cleaned on-site, most rugs are better off being cleaned in our facility. Unlike carpets which are synthetic and simple to clean, most rugs are natural fibers. When they get dirty, they require a lot more work and attention to detail concerning stains and dirty traffic. All this work requires a lot of time that may not be had in the limited time we have visiting you. With your rug in our facility, we can spend as much time as we need to clean the rug optimally.

Another reason to pick up your rugs is to avoid drying time. While synthetic carpets take 6-7 hours to dry, most rugs such as wool, silk, cotton, and viscose can take over 24 hours to dry under normal conditions. In our facility, we enhance drying time by hanging your rug (which allows us to clean the backside as well) and having air blowers ventilate it. We also have dehumidifiers running through the night so your rug is dry the next day. This allows us to re-do your rug if touch-ups are needed.

First, we will send our technician to pick up the rug and assess it. If heavy furniture needs to be moved, we can send multiple technicians to get the rug out. Once your rug is cleaned and ready, we will contact you to schedule a delivery. We deliver our rugs rolled uptight. That way, they stay clean during the drive, and you could easily store them if you need to. Our technicians will also lay the rug out as it was before.

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