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Steam Wizard Surface Cleaners understands that furniture is the most delicate and among the most important type of items in your home. We have been cleaning upholstery effectively and properly since we first started and hold a high standard with our process. We use a similar machine and process as we do for carpet and rug cleaning but with little differences that make huge differences in the result. Since most types of upholstery are natural, we take extra special care in the process.


Like with rugs, it is important that you have your upholstery cleaned by a professional that knows about all the different types of fabrics. Before we come to your home we make sure we understand what type of fabric you may have so we can be best prepared for how to treat it. We don’t just treat each fabric the same. Some are more delicate than others and require more or less aggression.

Most pieces of furniture are cotton, microfiber, and polyester, which aren’t delicate and can be cleaned regularly. Then there are more delicate ones such as silk, velvet, chenille, and linen, which need to be treated with extra detail and attention. Do not go with someone who doesn’t inquire about your fabric, as the smallest mistake can ruin these types of fibers.


We use a steam cleaning process to clean all surfaces of upholstery. This includes the base of your furniture, both sides of each cushion, and any pillows associated with the furniture. First, we vacuum any dry soil before getting anything wet. This can include dust, food crumbs, and hair that often accumulates underneath cushions over time. Then we do the steam cleaning process which will sanitize your furniture while also removing any traffic, dirt, and stains. Then we extract the water put it into the couch with our machine’s strong vacuum. We do not over-saturate furniture so they typically dry in 3-5 hours.

Stains & Odors

While not every stain is guaranteed to come out, especially on the more delicate fibers, our technicians are prepared to treat any stain as we’re steam cleaning. When it comes to bad odors, we have a special enzyme treatment that can neutralize them. Pet urine, sewage spills, and vomit can all be neutralized with our enzyme.

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